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Why Donate Reusable Building Materials?

A gut-to-studs remodel can create lots of reusable materials

A “gut to studs” remodel can result in
lots of reusable building materials.

Individuals and business owners who are taking down their homes or buildings, are remodeling, or have excess materials, have the opportunity to help the environment and get paid for doing it!

To prevent reusable building materials and demolition debris from ending up in landfills, the federal government provides a tax deduction for reusable building materials donated to a participating nonprofit. This tax deduction can help offset the cost of the deconstruction process, a much better deal than when the materials are just sent to the landfill.

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Why It Makes Sense…

  • Many homeowners want to make sound environmental choices. Diverting an entire dwelling of building materials from the land fill is a great way to do that, as construction and demolition waste accounts for 12-50% of the entire waste stream (4.3 million tons of C&D waste per year in CA alone!)
  • Deconstruction, however, typically costs more than traditional demolition. It is far more labor intensive to take a building down piece by piece, than to simply destroy it.
  • But! You can offset the cost of deconstruction by donating the reusable building materials to a qualified non-profit. Under the right conditions, you can receive a tax advantage for the donation.
  • As you can imagine, the possibility for abuse is large. Therefore, in order to qualify for the deduction, you MUST have a qualified independent third party appraisal of the value of the building materials before claiming the deduction.

Why You Need Property Pro’s!A profession appraisal can maximize your reusable materials

According to IRS guidelines, donations of above-average condition materials valued over $5,000, and/or average- or below-average condition materials valued at $500 or more, require an appraisal by a certified 3rd party. That’s us!

Appraisers that inflate values and/or do not use recognized methodologies should be avoided. If an appraiser promises a value that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Talk to your appraiser and make sure that their goal is to provide you with a reasonable and ethical appraisal.

What makes Property Pro’s different from others?

We have the experience, partnerships and knowledge to help you with every aspect of your donation:

  • We have over 20 years of experience in the appraisal industry and have been performing appraisals for the charitable donation of reusable building materials for over 15 years.
  • Our appraisal services are focused on reasonableness, which is a key component of the IRS publication regarding charitable donations. It is important to us that tax benefits continue to be available to those who desire to choose deconstruction as an alternative.
  • We work with multiple non-profits, architects, contractors and designers across the U.S. Our experience insures that your materials will actually be donated to a nonprofit, not end up in the landfill, so that you may claim your tax deduction.
  • Our experience, research, and materials data base allows us to provide quality appraisals, and our relationship with the non-profits allows us to insure that our clients receive the full benefit of their donation.

Property Pro’s is dedicated to environmentally sustainable building. We believe that the first step in this process is to properly repurpose, reuse, and recycle the existing improvements on a site prior to building a new structure. We work with clients through this process to provide the tools necessary to make an educated decision.

Plus we have trained appraisers in all 50 states.

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