A Deconstruction Appraisal

A qualified appraiser reduces risk, and maximizes your deduction!

Individuals and business owners who are taking down their homes or buildings, are remodeling, or have excess materials, have the opportunity to help the environment and get paid for doing it!

To prevent reusable building materials and demolition debris from ending up in landfills, the federal government provides a tax deduction for reusable building materials donated to a participating nonprofit. This tax deduction can help offset the cost of the deconstruction process, a much better deal than when the materials are just sent to the dump.

However, in order to qualify for the deduction, you MUST have a qualified independent third party appraisal of the value of the building materials.

Property Pro’s has 15 years of experience, and has completed over 2,300 appraisals of reusable building materials without an IRS issue to date.

We have the experience, partnerships and knowledge to help you with every aspect of your donation. We work with multiple non profits, contractors and designers across the U.S. Our experience insures that your materials will actually be donated to a nonprofit, not end up in the landfill, so that you may claim your tax deduction.

Click HERE for examples of possible projects and eligible materials!