A gut-to-studs remodel can create lots of reusable materials you can donate

A “gut to studs” remodel can result in
lots of reusable building materials.

Remodeling? Taking down a home or building? Excess materials from a project? You have the opportunity to help the environment, and get paid for doing it!

The federal government allows a tax deduction for those materials donated to a participating nonprofit.

This tax deduction can help offset the cost of deconstruction projects, and is a much better deal for the environment than sending the materials to the landfill.

Take a look at some examples of possible projects and eligible materials!

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Why It Makes Sense…

  • As a homeowner, you want to make sound environmental choices. Diverting an entire dwelling of building materials from the landfill is a great way to do that. Nationwide, construction and demolition waste accounts for 12-50% of the entire waste stream (4.3 million tons of C&D waste per year in CA alone!)
  • Deconstruction typically costs more than traditional demolition. It’s far more labor intensive to take a building down piece by piece, rather than simply destroy it.
  • You can offset the cost of deconstruction by donating the reusable building materials to a qualified non-profit. Under the right conditions, you can receive a tax advantage for the donation.
  • As you can imagine, the possibility for abuse is large. As a result, the IRS REQUIRES a qualified independent third party appraisal of the value of the building materials before you can claim the deduction.