Why Choose Property Pro’s for Your Appraisal?


According to IRS guidelines, an appraisal by a qualified 3rd party is REQUIRED for donations of materials if they are in:

  • Above-average condition and valued over $5,000, or
  • Average- or below-average condition and valued at $500 or more

Third-party appraisals are one of the services that we offer.

Appraisals that inflate values or use unrecognized methodologies increases the risk of your deduction being denied by the IRS, and could trigger an audit.

If an appraiser promises a value that seems too good to be true, it probably is! Talk to your appraiser and make sure that their goal is to provide you with a reasonable and ethical appraisal.


We have the experience, partnerships and knowledge to help you with every aspect of your donation:

  • We have over two decades of experience in the appraisal industry, and over 19 years experience in appraising charitable donation of reusable building materials.
  • Our appraisal services focus on the key components of IRS publications regarding charitable donations. It’s vitally important to us that tax benefits always be available to those who choose deconstruction as an alternative.
  • We work with many non-profits, architects, contractors and designers across the U.S. Our experience ensures that the deconstruction process goes smoothly. Your materials will make it to nonprofit, so that you may claim your tax deduction, rather than end up in a landfill.
  • Our experience, research, and materials data base allows us to provide quality appraisals, and our relationships with non-profits allows us to ensure that our clients receive the full benefit of their donation.
  • We have trained resources near you

Property Pro’s is dedicated to environmentally sustainable building. We believe that the first step in this process is to properly repurpose, reuse, and recycle the existing improvements on a site prior to building a new structure. We work with clients through this process to provide the tools necessary to make educated decisions.

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